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Steps we take to ensure your safety during this pandemic

You will be contacted via phone by our team who will undertake a COVID-19 questionnaire. This is designed to determine whether you can be safely treated or medicated

Upon arrival, you will sanitize your hands using an alcohol gel rub. Your temperature will be checked with a non-contact thermometer. The dental nurse will then escort you directly to the surgery room.

Your dentist and dental nurse will be in full personal protective gear which may look different. In addition to gloves, they will be wearing an N95 mask, a surgical mask, full face shield or eye goggles, hair cover, surgical gown, and shoe covers.

We also have additional equipment for your increased safety during aerosol-generating procedures. This includes a high volume suction and a Vac station which prevents the spread of droplets to the surrounding and filters the atmosphere in the surgery room.

Once the dentist has completed the procedure, you will be escorted out of the surgery room where you will sanitize your hands again before you leave.

We continue to regularly practice high standards of infection control and instrument sterilization. In addition, we ensure complete room and surface disinfection within the clinic before and after every patient using hypochlorous acid followed by surgical spirit.