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Oral Care for Kids

Dental Caries is a preventable disease of the hard tissues of teeth caused by multiple causes due to the interaction of tooth tissues with certain bacteria and dietary carbohydrates that release acids that can damage teeth.

Oral care in kids is very important as milk teeth need to be maintained for as long as they are supposed to be as this can have a direct effect on the formation and development of permanent teeth as well as their eruption and alignment.

Twice a year visit to the dentist has proven to reduce the chances of damaging teeth as well as providing a healthy mouth free of diseases.

All patients that visit us undergo oral health education as this has been proven to be very beneficial.
1 Children should brush their teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. The toothpaste should then be spitted out and the mouth should not be washed.
Sugary foods and drinks to be restricted to meal times and not in between meals.
Non-sugar sweeteners such as xylitol should be used in food and drinks
Sugar free chewing gums should be used after meals to stimulate saliva that would clean the teeth and reduce the chances of forming cavities.
Sugar free medicines should be used for children as this also reduces the chance of forming cavities