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Oral Health Tips

1 Consumption of sugary foods and drinks at meal times as well as in between meals is associated with a high rate of cavities. Reducing the intake of sugary foods and drinks is very beneficial.

2 Removal of the soft deposits on teeth (plaque) is proven to be very beneficial in reducing the rate of formation of cavities as well as gum problems. Therefore, brushing at least twice a day minimises the risk

3 Reduced salivary flow has also been proven to increase oral health problems due to the inability of saliva to cleanse the teeth. Frequent sips of water as well as chewing on sugar free gums help in reducing the effects of reduced saliva.

4 Teeth are naturally weakened by eating and drinking. The process is even made worse by brushing immediately after eating. To reduce this, brushing of teeth should be done at least an hour after meals.

5 The tongue harbours millions of bacteria leading to bad breathe as is evident by the whitish layer on the tongue on getting up. Brushing or scrapping the tongue helps in reducing this.

6 Majority of dental problems in children are brought about by using a feeding bottle leading to a condition known as Baby Bottle Syndrome that can damage all the teeth. Weaning the child from a young age helps in reducing this

7 All children should be supervised while brushing their teeth as this has also been proven to reduce the chances of damaging teeth

8 Food particles usually get stuck between teeth in places where the toothbrush cannot reach. Flossing once a day, helps in removing food as well as reducing the chances of forming cavities

9 Several minerals are important in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Diet consisting of calcium and vitaminsare very beneficial in having healthy teeth and gums

10 Tobacco can stain teeth, cause bad breathe, increase the chances of mouth cancers as well as reduce the rate of healing in the mouth. Avoiding tobacco helps in preventing the same.