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Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry

If you’re having sensitivity or pain on eating cold or hot, you might be having a tooth cavity.


Cavities develop as a result of sugary foods that remain lodged in teeth and attract cariogenic (cavity-causing bacteria) that break down the sugar to produce an acid that will break down the structure of the tooth and form a cavity.

These require removal of all the bacteria and softened tooth structure and replace it with a filling/ restoration. We provide white- tooth colored restorations and silver amalgam restoration. Both these material have their own pros and cons and are used in different situations. Your dentists will advice you on the best material for your specific problem.


When bacteria and their toxins from a tooth cavity reach the nerve of the tooth, it can lead to severe acute toothache or chronic mild pain. The infected nerve will require a treatment called Canal Treatment or Endodontic Treatment. This procedure is done in one to three appointments depending on the extent of infection.

The procedure begins with a local anesthetic shot to numb the tooth to be treated. The cavity and nerves will then be cleaned. The infected nerves will be removed and the root canals shaped. A biocompatible root filling material followed by a filling will then fill the space previously occupied by the nerves. It is usually advised to place a crown for a root-canaled tooth.