Your teeth are not only the most important tools for chewing and enjoying your food but also serve your smile and personality. Investing in your teeth will serve you a lifetime of scrumptious foods and a radiant healthy smile.

Modern day dentistry can cost exorbitant amounts, not to mention the time, pain and anxiety you may have to go through. It is always wise to make a little time for a preventive regimen than endure the consequences of neglect and procrastination.It is essential to have a dental consultation and basic dental cleaning (scaling and polishing procedures) once every six months. The dentist will carry out a thorough examination to catch any early signs of cavities, gum disease or other more fatal diseases such as cancers. Most problems in the mouth usually go undetected until a later stage where treatment may be more invasive and costly.

After a thorough check-up, the dentist may advice certain investigations such as X-rays to confirm certain diagnosis. He/ she will then advice treatments required catering to your individual needs. These may include the following:


After a thorough history and examination, you will be advised on your brushing habit. You will be given tips and tricks to care for your teeth and gums and make your oral hygiene immaculate suiting your individual needs.


You may be asked to keep a diet diary; your dentist will then educate you on ways to amend your diet while also catering to your sweet tooth without causing damage to your teeth.


Tarter/ calculus and plaque deposit in teeth and gums is a common phenomenon in most people. This is a hard deposit of calcium, bacteria, salivary components, and food. If it’s left in place for a long time, it can lead to gum disease or cavities.

Fissure Sealant

Fissure sealants are a protective layer applied to the fissures in your teeth to prevent tooth decay. Since teeth have deep fissures and pits that can trap food and bacteria becoming difficult to clean and developing cavities, it is ideal to seal those pits and fissures to ensure the
surface is smooth and it does not provide room for food to get stuck.